Are Piano Lessons In-Person Beneficial?

There are a lot of people who wonder if in-person piano lessons are still beneficial.

Many of these people will state that you can easily learn how to play the piano through a number of apps and online tutorials. However, it is important that you carefully consider the benefits of having a teacher by you while you learn.

Clear Demonstrations

The primary benefit of in-person piano lessons is the clear demonstration of what needs to be done, which is why many people believe this is the best way to learn piano. While it is possible to get a demonstration from an online tutorial, there is nothing like having a side-by-side comparative demonstration. After the teacher has shown you what needs to be done, they will also be able to correct any mistakes that you make as you make them.

Learning the correct way to play through clear demonstrations is important if you want to play the piano correctly. There is more to these demonstrations than hand position as the piano teacher will also be able to help with correct posture and the use of pedals.

Instant Answers To Questions

When you learn the piano, you are going to have questions that you need answers to. The benefit of in-person lessons is that these questions can be answered instantly. You will not have to search the internet for an answer or wait for someone to respond to an online forum to help you.

Instant Critique

While most people do not like being told they are wrong, this is essential to learning how to play any instrument. If you do not know that you are doing anything wrong, you will not be able to correct it and ensure that you are playing the instrument correctly.

In-person lessons have the benefit of a trained professional who can tell you when you are doing something wrong. They will also be able to tell you how to change what you are doing before it becomes a major problem in your playing.

Set Times For Learning

In-person lessons provide you with a set time for when you are going to learn. When you work with apps and online tutorials, you will do this at your own pace.

However, this can be a problem as well because you can always postpone when you are going to learn. This is one of the reasons why many people who use online tutorials never fully learn how to play the piano.


Discover The Benefits Of Learning To Read Piano Sheet Music

When you are looking at sheet music you may think that you are looking at Latin or some other language that you have never seen before.

However, you need to realize this is not the case and you will often be able to find out that their are a lot of benefits of learning to read the sheet music that is meant for piano.

The problem is you may not know about all of these benefits at time and this can easily lead you to thinking that their are not real benefits to learning this sheet music.

When you are looking at this sheet music you will often notice it is going to have the different inflections that you need to be putting onto each of the notes. You may have never thought about this before, but these inflections are usually not on the other sheet musics because these are controlled by your pedals.

So you will want to make sure you know about the inflections and how this is going to make a difference in how you are playing the music and what it is going to sound like over time compared to the other instruments.

The sheet music that you are learning to read is going to make it easier for you to start to understand what all the music is supposed to sound like.

You may not think about this, but you need to realize when you are looking at the sheet music it gives you the notes, but also when you are playing through the music in your mind it will make it easier for you to get the information out of your mind into how the music is supposed to sound.

The downside is once you do learn how to read the music better, you will know when someone is off on the notes.

Being able to read sheet music is a good skill, but it is very important if you know about why it is so important for you to learn how to read the piano sheet music.

Once you know about this it will be easy for you to find the sheet music is different, but it is going to provide you with the information that you need to have on reading the music and know that it is going to have a great sound to it when you are playing.

Easy Country Songs on Piano

How awesome is the piano.

One day you can play some classics from Bach, the next day you can play some Country hits from the 90s.

It’s pretty awesome.

This video here showcases some very easy songs you can play on the piano in the Country genre.

Feel free to explore more covers on YouTube as many people upload all sorts of tutorials you can watch for free.

What’s great about easy country piano songs is that you can play many of them with just a few chords.